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Did you know that contributed $1.2 trillion to America's economy during the COVID-19 pandemic? This is 22% more than in 2019. It is predicted that freelancers, which will include more than 86,000,000 people, will be the majority by 2027.

You can work solely freelance or work on side projects alongside your full-time job. This is a great way to join a growing group of creative, untethered and successful craftspeople looking for flexible alternatives to traditional employment .

The growth and innovation of technology has made it more attractive for freelancers. 42% of freelancers found employment on social media. Freelance work is becoming more valuable in these uncertain times of economic growth and pandemics.

We see you, freelance writers, bloggers, web content writers. We know that you are out there, brightening the world with your lightbulb ideas and beautiful language. Your contributions are more important than ever!

Freelancers are responsible for their own marketing, so you must make use of every tool to build a writing business. Your greatest weapon? You must have a relevant online presence. Do not rely on job boards to find work. Having an online presence is essential for earning $$$..

How to make your online presence count. A website that is top-of the-line. A killer website for freelance writers is essential to generating leads for quality writing gigs. We'll show you how.

A website allows you to showcase your talents and personality, make sustainable sales, build your writing portfolio and connect with potential customers. This will allow you to grow your business and financial success.

Why is it Important to Have a Great Freelance Writing Website?

So, wait. Get up. You are a writer. Why do you need a website? You can do the following with a professionally-built website for freelance writers:

  • Showcase Your Online Portfolio. A living portfolio online is one of the greatest benefits of a freelance writer website. Prospective clients have the ability to view your work and get a feel of your voice and writing abilities through a wide range of content. They can also view past work and access a variety of content that will help build trust in their business.
  • Increase brand visibility. Your website is an important tool to establish brand awareness and showcase your writing skills. Visitors don't need to search far to find information about your products and services if you have a strong online presence. Your website not only makes it easy for people to find your business online but also builds your likability. Visitors will be more interested in working with you if you have great content. This helps to establish your credibility as a writer and position you as an authority in the field. You increase your visibility and social proof by making your work easily accessible. This will help you get more freelance writing work. You need to be competitive in freelance work during COVID times.
  • Increase Brand Legitimacy. Let's face it. It's true that companies without a website and an online presence are more likely to be flagged in the ecommerce ecosystem. Everything is on the internet. A dot com has become an indispensable requirement in the business world. Customers searching for a product or service online will immediately question if you can't locate your virtual corner.

It is obvious that potential clients must be able find you easily with their browser if they want to do business or market a product or a service in this world. A website is essential to establish your brand as a legitimate company. It's not enough to be amateurish or rely on the information your customers gather through social media. Your credibility will rise and work for you if your website is well-designed with strong visuals and great content. To bless your bottom line, and gain trust from visitors to your site, it is important to show not only your technical web skills but also how you can establish a professional and valuable online presence.

Are you still unsure? We understand. Let's resolve any doubts.

We are sure you're asking yourself: Do I need to create a website for freelance writers if I'm just starting? The short answer is no. However, having a website for freelance writing (your services) and a portfolio is the best way build a marketing funnel. It will help you establish a credible, coherent, and authoritative brand. This is a great way to show your best and get quality writing jobs.

Okay, but don't panic. You say it's 2022. You say it's 2022. Sure. A website is good, even if it's simple. A well-established website for freelance writers will help you establish authority and increase your chances to be seen by potential clients. They will be able contact you quickly. You'll also have all content on your site , something that's not always true on social media.

It might seem overwhelming to build a professional looking website for freelance writers. Setting up a website can be a worthwhile investment that will yield high returns. You will be loved and hired for your website.

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Seven Steps How to Create a  Freelance Writer Website That Actually Gets You Writing Gigs

As we mentioned, it doesn't take a lot of time or rocket science to create a professional-looking website for freelance writers. In seven easy steps, we'll show how to create a website.

1. Your business should be branded

It's time to choose a name for your business, business owner! You can use your name to market your skills and brand yourself. But before you choose a moniker, ask these big-picture questions:

Do you think your business could be sold? Even if your long-term plan isn't clear, it's likely that you have an idea of how to transfer your writing business to another person or add products or services to your business.

You shouldn't be able to sell your brand or partner up with others if you have ever considered it. This is your brand and it will not transfer. You should also consider how difficult it might be to spell, pronounce, remember your name. This could lead to confusion that could cost you your business.

Your personal name can help you stand out from other writing companies. Before you jump into a business or brand name, consider all options. It's impossible to predict how your freelance writing business will grow, change, and adapt. You'll need to make wise choices to ensure your long-term success.

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