A fully integrated Academic writing Website script that features:

  • Writer & client web interfaces linked to same database
  • Manage administrators, editors, writers, and clients
  • Hire , promote, and fire writers and editors
  • Manage orders : deadlines, payments etc
  • Seamlessly, links Paypal with Client segment/site.
  • Run as standalone or integrate into WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or your custom site.

Client Role (Through the client Web-Interface)

  • Can place new orders:
  • Pay for orders through Paypal, credit cards.
  • Manage their orders through the Orders tab: The client is able to view all orders in the system to date in tabular form with details such as order numbers, date created, tracking number, deadlines, status ( available, completed, pending, editing, un-approved, assigned or not], pay for pending orders, delete pending orders, add files and comments to orders, etc
  • Client can contact administrators/editors and writers, request revisions, upload files, raise disputes, approve, and reject the orders

Writers Role

  • There are three writers’ levels: ” Normal, Silver and Advanced. “ A writer can bid or Claim depending on level’s limitations
  • Can bid for orders or take them directly depending on their writers levels as stated above
  • Can confirm orders once assigned to them, a process that moves them to the “current orders” listing
  • Can upload files on the “current orders” , a process that changes their status for review by the administrator or editorial staff
  • If the order is return for revision, the writer reviews its and resubmits
  • Can request for deadline extension on an order
  • Can view their available, bids, current, dispute, revision, editing, completed, approved and rejected orders
  • Can view and monitor their financial information and returns in the “ Financial Overview” tab
  • Can edit their profile settings in the ‘ My Profile’. Details include ‘Personal Details’, Update Password’, ‘ Payment Details’